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Heartland Wilderness

Heartland Wilderness IL RV Dealer

If you're looking for a comfortable, convenient way to enjoy the great outdoors with the whole family, but you're not necessarily looking for something as intense as a full-blown motorhome, a travel trailer might be right up your alley. Amongst the many different types of travel trailers that you have to choose from, the 2014 Heartland Wilderness stands out as a solid choice.

As a leading recreational vehicle dealer here in Illinois, we here at Phillips RV are always pleased to offer our shoppers the chance to get a taste for adventure without having to deal with the harshness of the elements thanks to the comforts of RVs like the new Heartland Wilderness. If you'd like to learn more about pricing and availability, please feel free to give us a call at 815-933-2251.

Easily Transported and Loaded with the Comforts of Home

Heartland Wilderness IL RV DealerOne of the great things about travel trailers like the 2014 Heartland Wilderness is that you don't have to worry about getting used to driving them around like full-sized motorhomes, you just have to hitch it up to your pickup or SUV and you can take it wherever your vehicle can travel. While the new 2014 Heartland Wilderness comes in a wide variety of different models and layouts, all of them weigh less than 8,000 lbs., allowing them to be towed by most hitch-capable vehicles.

Regardless of what style 2014 Heartland Wilderness you choose for you and your family, you can rest assured that you're going to love every moment you spend in it. The largest models can comfortably sleep nine people, so if you've got a large family or perhaps the in-laws are coming along for the ride, the new Heartland Wilderness travel trailer will be perfect for you.

An Interior Design Built for Class and Comfort

Heartland Wilderness IL RV DealerWith the push of a button, the new Heartland Wilderness travel trailer expands, opening up a living space that you'd be hard pressed to find in a high-end hotel. With amenities like a fully functioning kitchen, full bath, lounge area complete with couch and an island table, and even a rotating entertainment system, you've got everything you need for you and your family to truly enjoy a nice outing without having to worry about battling nature to do so.

If you're a Chicago or Indiana RV shopper looking for a comfortable and reliable travel trailer, then you're going to love what the new 2014 Heartland Wilderness models have to offer. We currently have a number of new 2014 Wilderness models available at our dealership, so if you'd like to learn more please feel free to give us a call at 815-933-2251.

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